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Comedy Interviews

In this podcast, special guests pop round to visit parent, comedian and writer Athena Kugblenu


Katie Lane drops by to talk bullfighting, reaching rock bottom, Black Twitter v Fiat 500 Twitter and Love Island. 

This episode genuinely could have been over an hour long. So much good stuff was cut there may even have to be a part 2...

More about Katie:

Katie and Athena first met on the open mic circuit many moons ago and have enjoyed pies together in Edinburgh. She wouldn’t pretend to call herself a comedian any more but still keeps her hand in with a hometown monthly gig in Streatham. In her spare time, Katie cooks endless curry, deadheads her roses and watches horrendous television programmes when she should be reading more. She is very excited at the prospect of all-day brunches with Athena’s child once she can learn to hold a decent conversion.  Which, during this episode, you hear is not such a distant prospect.

Enjoy! And find Katie on Twitter at @katieklane

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In this episode I am joined by comedian, blogger and burlesque performer Carmen Ali and I don't think my mum's kitchen has ever witnessed such saucy conversation. Find out about why Indian Caribbean food is like Indian food but even better, the difference between sex and kink and how to deal with cakes that are blatantly asking for it.  I strongly suggest listening to this episode then checking out her alter ego April Fiasco via the You Tube link below.

More about her:

Carmen is a stand-up comedian and blogger who loves playing chess, kinky sex, and 90s nostalgia (in that order). She also performs Burlesque as April Fiasco which involves indulging in some very tasty food fetishism. You can see more of her work here: 

Twitter: @CarmenAli / @MissAprilFiasco
Insta: @CarmenJeanAli / @AprilFiasco
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We are back and it's a belting episode with the fantastic Kate Weston. We speak about mental health, randy kittens and the stress of stand up comedy. Kate is one to watch as she is soon to drop a big announcement that WE CAN'T TALK ABOUT but you can hear it first if you find her on her Instagram and Twitter at @katelizweston. Enjoy!

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In this episode I am joined by actor, writer, photographer, improviser and all-round diamond Verona Rose. Hailing from Southampton the London-based creative polymath and I chat about growing up in majority white areas, the DIY ways to getting your  work commissioned and finding your life partner via siblings.

You can find Verona on:

Website: www.veronarose.co.uk

Instagram: theveronarose

And watch out for her new show Fully Blown soon to be released on BBC3

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In this episode I am joined by Gavino di Vino. Gavino is an actor and writer I met in Edinburgh almost 4 years ago and we've been hanging out ever since. Gavino is one of the most intelligent people I know - he speaks five languages fluently (including Russian!), is phenomenally well versed in art, history and fashion. He's a very cool guy to be around. Amongst a whole host of subjects we skip through identity, class, being a polyglot, hate crime, travel and festivals with saunas - which I did not know was a thing. 

Does Gavino look familiar? You've probably seen him already in this video that went viral and gained him a new set of fans from across the world.

More about Gavino:

Gavino di Vino is a London-based actor and writer. He was raised between Wirral and Wigan in the north west of England and has lived in London since 2014.

His play, AUNTIE, a tragicomedy about an African Hackney family, has been defined by The Guardian as ‘exuberantly idiosyncratic’, and he’s been featured as the face of a UK-wide campaign celebrating diversity for BBC, Perfect Day. Fluent in French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, he’s an internationally-focussed artist, working with Royal Academy of ArtsSoho House and Pushkin House.


Find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @Gavinodivino

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In Episode 3 I am joined by comedy screenwriter Nathan Foad. I've worked with Nathan and it's always quality bants when he's around so I couldn't wait to break his fried plantain virginity and have a good old catch up about life. We talk about drama school, growing up in a chip shop and the glamour of WW2 evacuee children, amongst other things.

Watch out for the 'c-word' near the end if you are listening in the car with your kids, and yes, the babble you can hear in the background is the child who inspired this podcast. I won't let the their reluctance to nap stop me from living my best life.

More about Nathan:

Nathan is a comedy writer and former bully’s wet dream. He has written things for Channel 4 and Sky, most recently scripting an episode of The Young Offenders for BBC3/RTE.

Originally from Newark-on-Trent, Nathan is a bravely gay person who writes about class, bodies and queerness. 

That makes it all sound quite worthy. Mostly it's just jokes about his Mum.

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Sinta Tantra is a contemporary artist who exhibits art all around the world. Our friendship started one summer in Camden, North London when she was asked by a very naive and clueless project manager to paint a 40m bridge...

Sinta pops round for a chat and we talk about how people can make sense of modern art when it's often toilets and unmade beds to the naked eye and how our heritage influences our creativity. Minidisc players (RIP) get a brief mention and of course, when south Asian, Caribbean, Indian and African DNA meet in a kitchen, we have to talk about food too.

Find Sinta on Instgram and Twitter (@sintatantra), her art is truly sensational. 

Also visit www.sintatantra.com

More about Sinta:

A British artist of Balinese descent, Sinta Tantra was born in New York in 1979. She studied in London at the Slade School of Fine Art (1999-2003) and at the Royal Academy Schools (2004-06). 

Highly regarded for her site-specific murals and installations in the public realm, commissions include; Facebook London (2018); Folkestone Triennial (2017) Newnham College, Cambridge University (2016); Songdo South Korea (2015); Royal British Society of Sculptors (2013); Liverpool Biennial (2012); Southbank Centre (2007). Tantra's most notable public work includes a 300-metre long painted bridge commissioned for the 2012 Olympics, Canary Wharf, London.  


Didn't I tell you she was brilliant??

Now go eat some modern art. 

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Episode 1 of Keeping Athena Company.

Being a new parent whilst living with your mum is HARD WORK. In this podcast, special guests pop round to visit comedian and writer Athena Kugblenu (BBC Radio, Time Out, Stylist) so she can keep up with the world and have a well deserved break.

Athena is joined by comedian and voice over artist Russ Peers. Amongst other things, we chat about his love of Strictly Come Dancing, reaching out to your crush on Facebook, sex euphemisms (warm pie???) and the correct way to eat plantain. Enjoy!

Russ is a fellow BBC New Comedian of the Year Finalist. He is a regular presenter on the Talk Radio Weekend Breakfast Show and brings down comedy clubs with his unique brand of cutting, observational humour all over the UK.

"He's one of those people who's just born with it.' 

BBC Radio 4 Extra Comedy Club

"Deliciously dry observations and witty one liners...The odds of a promising career in comedy are...well stacked and definitely in his favour." 
Herald Scotland Newspaper 

"A thoroughly enjoyable set by Peers. The delivery is easy, the humour feels true."The Scotsman Newspaper

"Russ delighted a sell out crowd at Brighton Komedia."Zoe Lyons, brilliant telly comic and promoter of Bent Double

"You are hateful! Have some crisps! Lol!"
@BoyGeorge on Twitter

Follow him: https://twitter.com/RussPeers 

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